I’m looking to do some old fashioned cooking in the coming months. Specifically, I want to recreate some of the foods that were commonly served in the US in the “old west” period around the time of pioneers and gunslingers.

I understand that most of the foods had to be cooked with just a few ingredients and equipment. I have a dutch oven, frying pans, a boiler and I have, for my outdoor barbecue, a spit for roasting. These I believe are just what are needed to start making authentic Old West foods.

I already discovered that Missouri BBQ ribs are an old favorite. These sound a little complex to make for me at first. I’d like to start easy with something like beans and cornbread first.

I plan to make a whole event of a big Old West spread. I need tips for which sides, mains and desserts to focus on getting recipes for. I don’t know if anyone has really, really old authentic recipes or if the cooks back in those chuckwagon days basically made everything by heart. Either way, I am hoping to find a good selection of recipes to make a success of an Old West cookout..